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Over communication

How much of it is withdrawal and how much of it is the mental illness?

That’s what we are attempting to figure out
That’s why we are waiting about a year or so to find out

But we are trying to be sure
It seems like we get into these intense arguments over how I need to change certain parts of myself
And my stress levels get elevated every time we talk now…
I think it might be because I never get a say on it…
We figure things can get a whole lot better as her brain adapts and heals
But at the same time we are scared if it gets worse…
Notice the pickle we are in?
We don’t have delusions or hallucinations
Just really abrupt moods
And these conversations with each other that are really draining that are founded on truths…
But still draining
Also dealing with extreme sensitivity
So if anything there are a few things we are dealing with
1.mood disorder(depression,Anger)
2.extreme sensitivity that follows slight paranoia (maybe at the same time dystonic a bit )mainly at night most of the time
3.doesnt want to be alone(probably because of the scary dystonia ) and boundary issues probably because I care for her really well and make things extremely comfortable for her and know exactly what to do whenever anything arrises

Any advice?
Hope all is well with you!

On the plus side

We have amazing days when we do the right things to prep for them
Like don’t bring up any topics that are heavy in general .
We go to the gym
We have a day scheduled out!
Consistency helps with the moods!
Go out in nature
Hang out with friends
She can even do these things in her own!
(I’ve seen her)(I call an Uber for her,make sure she has money for food )I think the biggest thing is we are about to move to Santa Cruz
And she doesn’t have many friends in general and doesn’t keep up with them…
She can benefit from learning to manage friendships a little better… at least seeing them more on a consistent basis.
The idea is that she becomes more independent as the withdrawals subside
So she can have her friends and go to therapies on her own
Maybe get a part time job
And do these things in her own!
Letting everyone know about what’s going on here in our lives
Hope all is well with you.
It’s not as bad as it seems
Nor is it as good as it looks…