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Paranoid Schizophrenia: when you feel bad do you suspect the people you love?


Hi guys, long time I don’t post.
I was wondering, when you feel bad, paranoid and maybe during a breakdown… what are exactly your thoughts? Do you suspect of the people around you as well, like a wife/husband, friends, parents…?


Very much so…


So why? Do you suspect more of people you care most?


Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but, I have trust issues to begin with, so naturally those closest to me get the brunt of it.


Absolutely. Nobody is beyond reproach when I’m paranoid. I can believe that my boyfriend is secretly plotting against me and is cheating on me, I can think my parents are planning to throw me out onto the street if I don’t get a job, my best friend could be my worst enemy. It’s horrible.


Yeah, unfortunately. :frowning:



Specifically that my family sent me to have an illegal lobotomy when I was in my early teens…and have been conspiring against me to keep this from me ever since.


i have done in the past but not anymore and i wouldn’t fall for it again either. there is no secret plot against me by friends, family or neighbours or strangers in shops or wherever i go. it’s shit though. i think i have fallen for it maybe 3 times if i remember rightly. can’t quite believe i did to be honest. it’s so ridiculous really. my mother was very upset when i suspected her of being against me. it made her cry and that made me feel awful…it was a very strange time but i wouldn’t fall for it again at all. i know my family love me, my friends like me and most strangers are just friends you haven’t made yet. yes some people are wankers but most normal people are just fine i think. xxx


Thank you all for your replies, now it’s more clear :slight_smile: Generally, what do you do when you start to suspect somebody? And when it happens, it’s sudden?


Thanks for this…it helped me understand my son a little more.**


Yes my dear friend, I suspect of my relatives.


My delusions and hallucinations seem to focus on my mom. Last week when I was delusional it gradually evolved to thinking my mom was working with them, but didn’t realize she was doing it because she has had the flu vaccine. There was this whole intricate plot that evolved over the week as I became more delusional and more paranoid. Now that I’m back to normal I feel bad for having suspected my mom. This illness is amazing with the things it creates. :sunny:


Very much so, I get really untrusting of everyone.


Yes I do. But I get delusional that I am for the good in this world so always accepted the thoughts that told me to suspect others and tried to communicate with others about it in a diplomatic way-that most certainly has made them feel weird at the time-. So basically yes but it did not scare me it motivated me in a way.


i used to…but i realised that was rubbish, that was the sz.
take care


For me there are the “them” those who I do not know personally, but they are at the core of making me suffer. Then “they” are influencing my family and friends to “help me by helping them” which is nothing but a crock of crap. “they” must be very powerful because they have no boundaries nor are they bound by the same laws as the rest of us.
It amazes me that people are so blinded by all things shiny and lose the ability to think for themselves and read between the lines.


When I’ve been really paranoid, the closer someone is to me the more I’m suspicious of them.


It’s the opposite, I feel bad for suspecting the people I love.


I think it’s because the feelings are SO strong that for the person feeling them it is actually a logical response. If your senses are telling you, screaming at you, that someone is trying to hurt/harm/poison/etc then someone most be. The closest people to you may become the logical choice.


These days, I know it’s rubbish and I fight it. I mention all the stuff that my family has done to help me and keep me alive.

My sneaky brained thinking starts off slow and builds until I can get that feeling knocked down. In the past I wasn’t so reasonable about this and acted on this.

I used to get VERY angry at my family for “plotting” against me and I used to be mean and hurtful.

Now if I’m getting that feeling, it’s either stress causing my paranoia to start amping up…

or the fact that what I want and what my family wants are in two different directions… so NOW we go back to family therapy and find that middle ground.

I used to even think my own kid sister was brainwashed and turned against me. That was my “logical” explanation… brain washing.

After math always includes apologies and letters of sorry.