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Questions about my vids, a master of this illnesses, at work

first one I ever did February 1 2013, teaching tool that might help some:

So, let me get this right… You deny your wife, from going to the hospital when she askes you two times and you don’t because she won’t be able to smoke in there?

years before, the hospital said don’t bring her back, nothing they can do, they say the same for dementia patients, she has been in several times when arrested, 3 days and released, once committed for 3 months for a violent crime

Oh, gosh. My daughter used to ramble on like that 24/7, days in a row, often screaming until she was hoarse, but she was rarely talking to me even when I was in the room with her. This is from 2013? and the taco video is recent? I’d say you are a very patient man.

Watching your video makes me realize how lucky I am that those days have been gone for almost 1.5 years now for my daughter and I now. I am blessed she was put on the right meds and they are still working.

I never thought of having my phone on video with me when she was suffering from psychosis. Recordings would have helped when the police were often at our home.

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I do the vids to review what I can do different next time


@oldladyblue I had not exactly forgotten about the screaming until hoarse, but I guess had let it fade in my memory. That was a terrible time.


I wish I had had videos to review, later I would try to remember what seemed to work, what didn’t work?

Calm and supportive seem to be nearly always the way to go.

In the beginning before you realize what has happened, that part did not work at all, any of it… Yep, and the old please take your meds… I did not have any help in those days…