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Residential for my 13 year old

My heart is broken. We have been on a whirlwind ride for the last 8 months. I’ve watched my calm, loving son get aggressive, cut himself, have suicidal and homicidal thoughts daily and go in and out of the crisis center short term hospital. He is so intelligent, it hurts. He wants help, but wants to come home. I have a 9 year old I have to keep safe and I’m all alone. Racking my brain with research on what residential places are best. And it is TERRIFYING what I’m finding. Has anyone has a positive outcome with any residential treatment centers? I’m in Colorado if that helps…

I remember someone in a Facebook group recommending a place out west. I will try to find the name. I wanted to send you a virtual hug!!!

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It was, but it may be mostly adoption focused.

Thank you so much for the quick response. I looked at the website and had a few thoughts. It is an adoption and trauma specific residential center. Interestly enough we have a brain scan in the works to be sure it is not something physical. If it is I believe it changes the type of therapy which is exactly what ur suggestion is. I was thinking about that not ten minutes before I read your response! I’m positive for the future. And thank u for the support!

I wish I knew anything else to suggest. It is a really sudden change in behavior, so I hope you can find a lot of help soon.

@ShanelleJessica What meds is he on?

Latuda 60 mg and citalopram. They just switched the citalopram to welbutrin yesterday.

(If this post isn’t appropriate, please remove it) I am no expert, but could they try more calming meds? You might end up with weight gain, but it could be worth it.

Calming as in meds for like impulse control?

My son takes Latuda, but the doctor added in Seroquel due to aggression. Lots of medications seem to wind him up.

We had a good experience with my 19 year old daughter at Roger William’s in Wisconsin. We live in MD, and only got to see her on weekends sometimes, but it helped her a lot. Insurance covered it and it helped her with routine, med management, exercise, holistic things like mindfulness. It was hard to have her away but it was a great program. Also…Latuda caused her to be aggressive. She is finally on 200 mg. CLOZAPINE and her voices and paranoia stopped after 1 month! Now just dealing with negative symptoms, ADLs, etc. Good luck!


That is interesting about Latuda causing aggression. I am so glad she found a medication that helps.

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My son was placed at a residential setting when he was 15. It was indeed heartwrenching.

Make certain of these things:
That you can communicate with your child at any time - within reason of course, but without monitoring.
That you can visit regularly, with limited restrictions.
That staff has good credentials.

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Thank you for the positive feedback. He is set to go to Devereux Cleo Wallace in Denver. He goes this sad, scared, and happy he is able to get help. He isn’t thrilled. He told me yesterday he is making everything up and the mom in me wants that to be the truth. But his thoughts are so dark. Suicide homicide. I know he needs help!

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I am glad you found a placement. I hope you are happy with it and they can find a good medication. One of my sons who has autism is in a residential school and it is really good for him. It is sad that we have to make these decisions. In the long run it’s the best for the whole family.

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Does your insurance cover Devereux? Our insurance seems to be pretty bad as far as RTC’s go.

It was a fight but yes they do. We have Medicaid through Colorado and Drs who pushed for the treatment. I was also very adamant on highlighting the really bad times so they can see how serious this is. Wasn’t easy but we got approval and apparently quicker than most do. I think there’s some divine intervention in place indeed.

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I am so glad it worked out! We can’t find a school for my fifteen-year-old son at the moment. He is in a teen support group through Mental Health America that he loves. I am so grateful for programs that understand our kids.

Reading over these posts- How is your son? I hope residential worked out for him! :slight_smile:

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