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Schizophrenia cited as huge risk for COVID death

This article popped up in my news feed. Haven’t read it carefully, but felt it important to post to the forum.

From BGR: This is a huge risk factor for COVID death - and no one can explain why


This I’m sure will not be taken into account

Unpaid carers are not even a priority in uk

Sorry for being cynical

I wonder if it might be worth campaigning but I wouldn’t know where to start

We might not even have sympathy from the general public - this is cynical too - but age being a factor- so many elderly are parents

This gets the sympathy vote

Interesting perspective and probably more realistic than mine. I was considering trying to parlay this into qualifying for an early COVID shot. In the states the criteria for people under 65 who have priority over others for a COVID vaccine are vague and seemingly deliberately so.

I’ll ask my psychiatrist if he’ll write me a note or prescription or whatever. I have an autoimmune disease that involves my lungs, but it’s been in remission for a long time and I’ll see my psychiatrist sooner. More and more people I know are getting vaccinated, and I’d could use less worry in my life.

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Autoimmune disease that affects your lungs should put you in a priority group.
I think a lot of things like people not being able to take proper care of themselves
Or not having enough support
There are probably many things they didn’t include in the criteria

In uk I’m at the bottom of the list for vaccination