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Which worry is more important here? Family

My sister is planning on going into treatment this week she is alcoholic and has alcoholic psychosis indistinguishable from schizophrenia whenever she drinks
I’m ok
I live in a low covid area.
My mum is 78 lives near me and has only one good eye.
The whole of if UK is in lockdown
My sister lives in London - centre of coronavirus more deaths and more easily transmitted virus
We live 230 miles west from my sister
The dual diagnosis rehab is in Scotland, north 380 miles from London
Tomorrow my sister has an assessment on the phone and will quarantine for a week and detox when she gets there
Mum is getting a new car, she has something at the minute that is not usable
We will me and mum share the driving

My mum has a small spot on her tongue that has been there a month
She is a smoker since age 14 she is 78
I want her to see an emergency dentist
Her first Covid injection is Tuesday
She is probably too stressed to add Dental visit
Can it wait 2 weeks do you think?


Please add dental visit, most oral cancers can be treated with early detection. Don’t wait. Everything you mentioned is equally important. Best of luck. Glad things are starting to come together even if stressful and a lot all at once.

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I know she might be a bit stressed right now but if you can talk her into going in just to have it looked at, I agree with Catherine…the sooner the better. I hope the treatment center works well for your sister.

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Thanks for your replies
I want to phone someone in the morning but tomorrow she is buying a car
Next day has her first vaccine
I guess there is time
she is so stressed I hope I can help her to understand how important it is
Before we go to London, I don’t know when that will be yet
I’m sure an emergency dentist is best because she’s not with anyone, having no teeth.
Maybe a GP is as good I’ll look into it that would be free

Yes dentist is still more appropriate
Thank you
I think she is a bit calmer
Just have to ask / tell her