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Sex and husband with SZ

I have never posted here before,this is a long long story,I will make it short!husband and wife,we lived together until spring this year,when moved Seperately ,due to many reasons but certainly confusion over sex. Since we seperated my husbands health got even worse,and sure he saw a whore,now the whole thing is a total mess,he is unmedicated and hasn’t been in touch for a month,I am demented

Everything is confusing when a SZ is involved…

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It’s all awful,it’s been a month since I heard from him,as we live Seperately since the summer,I’m very distressed,I’ve tried everything,he just won’t get in touch,my heart is broken,and I feel I will have to divorce him in 2018 if he’s going to keep playing these games,I know SZ really makes everything complicated,he got the idea in his head,I had denied him sex,and told him to go get magazines etc !???

They can get such ideas (delusions) (beliefs that aren’t real) into their heads. Its not real to you, its not a game to them, they actually believe these ideas.

I’m sorry, I know this is horrible for you.

Yes,I understand,because also he has thought for years he’s married to a singing star,so I have shared him,I am debased things have gone so badly wrong

I just hope he can find it within him to come back and try and make things right again

I hope things work out for you.

Many thanks Hope your comments mean a lot,I nearly called my son Hope,till I found out he was a male!!!

You are so welcome Melantha. Sometimes I think the only voices of reason we family members hear are from the other people on this board. Its a good name for a child - we all have so much hope for our children when they are born.