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Subsidized / Low Income Housing


Does anyone have a family member on
SSI that has subsidized or low income housing?
What is the average cost of rent?


It is a sliding scale.
My son was eligible, but we did not think it would be a good idea, because in an apartment setting. Neighbors would be to close.


My son is on ssi and gets subsidized housing. I think he pays $200 and they pay $300 a month. They aren’t the best apartments.


My sister who is schizo affective gets disability and lives in subsidized housing and she pays about $212 and her utilities are included. She has relapsed on drugs once or twice and was robbed once. The bad thing about subsidized housing is it usually is in a bad neighborhood where there is a lot of drug and crime activity. My sz son wanted to live in subsidized housing but I refused to support that because he is a recovering addict and he has no ability to say no to people when asked for something whether it be letting a stranger into his house, giving away his money, or trying a new drug he is offered. He would be easily victimized.


Same here …my son would also be victimized easily …take any drug
Give whatever away…he also steals things from stores for no reason and hes stolen from us before…he’s on ssi diagnosed schizophrenic …I try my best to keep him from doing something deadly as much as possible but its seems its never enough…total hazard to himself