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The verbal abuse and I'm not handling it too good

The verbal abuse is just something out of hell. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone ever. The screaming and yelling name calling… getting in my personal space…spits when he talks…usually all over me. I try so dam hard not to let him get to me but after hours it wears me down. I still can’t get over how he can change so drastically. He was on the phone with someone from craigslist and 10 minutes later it is indescribable. I’m lost and really need some support.


I don’t know what to tell you.
I assume that you don’t really want to get into the details. If that is the case, it’s totally fine.

It is very much a good thing that you are trying not to let loose with your own shouting. And it would be forgivable if your willpower to hold back breaks down a little.

I have lived with people who just enjoy yelling the worst things they can think of, just not anyone with Sz.
I personally think it’s unacceptable you shout insults at someone you choose to live with. I imagine you have been hunkered down, enduring the storm.
It’s not something any of us are ever thrilled about, and certainly isn’t deserved.


Thank you. He knows exactly my sensitive things th as t really get to me. Im not a selfish person and he turns it all around. I inherited a small amount of money from my uncle. Totally unexpected but a very thoughtful gesture. Now Jerry t hi inks I want to kill or murder him to get his ideas to make myself rich. I know it sounds ridiculous but he really believes it. His refrigerator made a noise earlier and he said it was his neighbors tapping him. He is smoking non stop really one after the next. I smoke too but nothing like that. He never shuts up.

Hello! everyone goes through things differently even if put in the same exact situation, my mom was very verbally abusive still sometimes is and its tough. shes schizophrenic and its hard because i know its not her saying it. im also having a rough time, just know people are there for you and youre doing the right thing in talking to at least someone about it. good luck, i know it sucks but you can get through this.


Sounds really difficult. Do you get any time away to yourself and is there anyone else who can be there, if necessary, while you have some time out?

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No. I have tried to get his family but they dont want to be his next target.

What you are going through is difficult, I’m so sorry :pensive: I hope things get better with you

I’m trying to take care of my afflicted sister and brother and it’s hard but what makes it more difficult are my emotionally/verbally abusive parents, they shout and curse at me while I’m trying my best to focus on another thing/my mission! No matter how many times I respectfully ask them and inform them that stress is Not good for my sister&brother… Unfortunately everytime I visit my sister&brother to try and help them, my parents get on they way and I cut my visit shorter than planned because of them and that is not fair to my sister&brother!!!

I reached a point in my life, I don’t want a thank you to whatever I do, I think a thank you to me is completely unnecessary, I just want basic human rights and no oppression, no abuse…

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So sorry, I go through it to an extent with my son. Accusing us of things we haven’t done.
Sometimes I’m strong but sometimes I’m human.
Thing of you x

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Sometimes I tell my son that I just can’t understand him when he yells or gets verbally abusive and that I need time to calm myself down. I usually have to leave the house but I express my emotions and that I need a break to handle my emotions better. That sometimes helps me feel that I have some control or boundaries even if it does mean I have to leave my house for a while. Hope you are doing better!


Perfectly normal for SZ…