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Update my shizofrenic boyfriend left again,I may be pregnant

My boyfriend told me last week he love dme and wanted to marry,he also assure me he would start meds soon. Everything was perfect, until 2 days ago we got into a minor argument. All of a sudden he said he no longer loved me or wanted to be with me. He said it was something about me,and he didn’t trust me . I have no clue what has come over him. We are supposed to sign our new lease to our home March1st, and he is now saying he no longer wants to live with me. What do I do? I also maybe pregnant

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I definitely would not under any circumstances enter into a financial arrangement (outside of child support) with your B/F while he is so emotionally unstable and unpredictable. There is not enough consistent “trust” behaviors (from what you’ve described) to move in together or buy a house. I would remove myself from the equation entirely and let him find his way to get help or not. You are worth more than what you are currently getting. Just my two cents.


I found myself pregnant at 37 years old, and married the (arguing, mean) man. Big mistake leading to 17 years of mental and physical abuse until I almost lost my own mind. Stay on your own. My 2 cents.

Find out if your pregnant. I wouldn’t make any future plans with someone like this.

Think hard about your future as a single mom and take care of yourself first. Women too often make poor partner choices that drag them down where they would have had a better life if they had waited until a better time.

Get counseling

Good luck.