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Weighted Blanket?

Just wondering if any of your loved ones have used a weighted blanket as a means of dealing with the anxiety that comes with this, and if so, was it helpful? My son has returned home to us after being in a juvenvile facility since January for attacking us last summer. He has always had sleeping difficulties and night terrors since he was little. His anxiety is off the chart right now; waiting to see a p-doc. Nighttime is the worst for him. Anyone else have the same issue? Almost as if he is afraid of the dark at age 18. I bought him a light for his room today that is really a nightlight for kids but looks not too childish, casts stars on the ceiling through cutouts in the ceramic shade. Hoping that helps. Anyone w/ similar things going on w/ yours, would love to hear your means of coping with the night.

We got a weighted blanket for my granddaughter before she was diagnosed. Her anxiety was bad then and she asked for one. She doesn’t always use it–still has a lot af anxiety, especially at night–but she will pull it out some nights and it seems to help some. It won’t make it go away altogether but seems to calm her.

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Kind of on a whim, I got my son an essential oil diffuser for Christmas last year. He uses it every day. He likes watching the color changes, that plus the essential oils seem to calm him.

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Glad to hear that. At this point, I think it is worth a try. Appreciate your input.

We got my son an essential oil diffuser which lights up different colors. I buy calming oils or oils for sleep. We also play meditation apps from the breathe app on his iphone. Some are free. We also use the relaxing white noise available on the app relaxio (you can choose a combination of sounds such as waves, crickets chirping, rain, etc.). He is now requesting these on his own.