What State or Country are you from?


Pathways/STAY Process info:

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They only cater to Medi-cal but if you have private insurance try Center for discovery, they have 2 locations I believe for residential/in patient.
My son went to another residential facility but I don’t recommend it. When he got more cooperative thats when he agreed to try UCLA program. We’re there 3 months now, program is for 18 months!


Nebraska, they would only keep my husband 3 days, AFTER he tried twice to kill himself in a 24 hour period AND had been in hospital comatose for 3 1/2 days. NOT long enough, sent him home told him to go back to normal life…oh that he “should go to counseling”. :frowning: I was told by his therapist that he would only see once that if he had a psychotic episode again, police not ambulance and that he was to be automatically committed, but likely would again only be for 3 days however then he would become under state regulations and would HAVE to have therapy and prove that he was having it. Not sure what consequences they use if he refused…wasn’t told about that aspect. Not great rules…was refused placement the first time it happened, I was supposed to take him home and watch him. :frowning:


California has a few different options besides the 72 hour hold. There is a two week hold in a halfway house to help people get in their get so to speak. There is a program from 3-12 months as well. They have much more here than most states. Call your local NAMI office and start asking about your start programs


Been there done that. Most of here has good relationships with their kids. For some, we’ve been their best friends as well besides being parents. Don’t beat yourself up. Just start preparing for guardianship and try to line up more support for you both.


Joining in (for the first time) from Western Washington. I’ve been reading through the posts for a few months now and finally decided this topic of where we’re all from isn’t too scary or too overwhelming to just join in!


Welcome! I thought you looked familiar ; )


@kindmom - Welcome to the forum. Plenty of helpful info and support here. I found this post very helpful as well.


Temple, TX - USA
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@Author_Charity_Marie - How is your daughter doing?


@Author_Charity_Marie - skip that - I just saw your update on How are you doing today. I hope she continues to do well in school.


We have the same rules in Oregon - 72 hour hold. My child was treatment resistant and her medical people have been trying to help her for nearly 16 years and my daughter struggled to get better and that is why she landed in the state hospital for 6 months. It was a great environment for my daughter. The staff were awesome and doctors were able to observe her on medication. It’s not like she is healed but she is stable, functional and was able to leave the hospital to move into a foster home with other women like her. I do believe my state have given my daughter good mental health care by never giving up on her and I don’t want to be too presumptuous but I had a big part in it by my advocacy.

I was never angry in my advocacy or nasty to the people who could help my daughter. I was always thankful for anyone in the mental health field and treated them with the respect they deserve.


I am so sorry and it is disgraceful that they would do that. I would report that to the newspaper and hope it would stir some politicians to do something.


@mom25grls How is your husband doing now?


good days and bad days. He has refused any kind of therapy so that I am the reason everyone “THINKS” he is sick. He is working but it is all by wrote, if someone changes something, or he has to figure things out he can’t do it. :frowning: He had an episode last May in which his meds were completely off, and I actually had a phramacist tell me the only way I could get his meds is to put him back into the mental hospital, totally blew my mind…then he followed up with “would you like me to see if there are any pharmacies in the area that have the medicine?” I just about climbed over the counter and strangled him, I was trying hard to keep him out of the mental hospital …and was able to but for the grace of God and determination. I’m worried about what next time will bring. :frowning: But at this point, he is stable.


I’m in MA. My son is in NH.

There are a variety of factors that impact hospitalization times. Most states have their own laws about involuntary commitment - both in-patient & out-patient. I once did a summary of legislation for most states. It can be hard to find (!) your own state’s laws, but usually it will be under either “healthcare” legislation or “public health” topics.

Local clinicians will always know the laws - sometimes even the Chapter and section.

A limit on holds to 72 hours is common and is subject to “dangerous to self or others” criteria. Some states are now including “grave disability” to give families a bit more leverage.

That said - these are all about involuntary commitment - which can be something that breaks the logjam or it can be very traumatic. You’re not taken away by police in handcuffs when you have a heart attack.

Recently read an interesting book on this - https://www.amazon.com/Committed-Battle-over-Involuntary-Psychiatric/dp/1421420783


This is helpful. I know that a lot of us who have been through various experiences and know what someone new to the ‘process’ needs (as far as forms/paperwork/contacts) sometimes attempt to find information for someone in another state/country and it can be a pill trying to figure out how to navigate each county website.


Here are laws by each state:



England here, our son had his first episode 2 years ago.


@DianeR, We live in Colorado as well. Thank you for your post.