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Pet Pic Post

I’ve had shepherd/mix dogs.

Cats play…

Meowwwwwwwwwwwww :cat:

I cannot seem to post a pic of my beautiful dog - this dog is very close to how my dog looks

The above dog is also a Dachshund Chow mix like my dog

are they waiting for treats ?
or commanding you to give them treats ?
take care :alien:i

My little half maltese half yorkshire

My kitty. Love her to bits.


Lol, darksith! They are actually watching US eat, commanding us to make the very next thing we do be to dole out treats to them.

You speak truth. I for one welcome our furry overlords.


This is my elderly dog Disco. He just turned 16 years old.

I love doggy sweaters!

I finally figured out a pattern that works perfectly for him, and is easy to make.

Same dog, same pattern, different sweater.

Chuck and Daisy, aka Chunk and Dainty, Brigid, Budge’s mom, and Budge


I wish I could post 4 likes!

Lucky has a gorgeous smile! Here’s a photo of my little guy, Maxie.


How much Wolf or Coyote is that? Husky mix, something?

I had one, but she died in 2012

That is Sasha, half Siberian Husky and half Red Wolf. She is 13; getting old.