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Early Psychosis Treatment Centers - How to Get Great Help (for free)

For anyone seeking help for someone (or themselves) if they think they might have schizophrenia or even if they know they have schizophrenia - here is a list of early psychosis treatment centers around the world that can help you get high quality treatment - often for free (because they are research centers trying out the newest and best treatment approaches on people).

Here are three different lists. If one is not close to you - contact (phone is best) the closest one and see if they can recommend a facility closer to you. Feel free to call them for advice too.

USA list of centers:

More USA-centers

Here is another list of Early Psychosis Treatment centers - call them also if there is not one listed above that is close:

Canadian and other global centers (Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, etc.)

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Because it’s an NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) RAISE project, I’m inclined to suggest this one first. I say this because of what I have run into with some of the purely pay-for-play websites now up on the WWW which are really nothing more than marketing devices.

I did some digging on and the National Psychosis Treatment Council. It looks like it’s pretty much the same list as NIMH’s.

One has to be cautious these days owing to some of the “psych hospitals” out there that are false fronts for Scientology, Landmark Education and other, shall we say, “suspicion-worthy” operators.

Where I live in the US, there is nothing like this.

It is almost impossible to get needed, evidence based treatment, especially for free.

What can we family members do when there is almost no treatment available and the small resources are impossible to access because an ill person perceives the medical community as harmful?